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BOMBSHELL Lori Vallow Updates: Cult Beliefs Exposed! Ian P Working w/Feds? Stories From Our Trip to Rexburg

Episode Summary

It’s rare that breaking news happens WHILE we record, but this has been an insane week! Incredible news re: Melani’s new husband Ian Pawloski! Is he helping the FBI/RPD? Join us as we discuss the evidence recovered from his PC: A secret outline he made documenting the cult’s beliefs, and a journal he kept of his interactions with his new in-laws. Also, why did Zulema Pastenes file in probate court? We discuss all of this, as well as our RECENT trip to Rexburg, and special stories with those right in the middle of it all.

Episode Notes

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  1. Read the document written by Ian Pawloski, where he outlines the cult’s beliefs. 
  2.  Read the email from Natalie (Ian P’s ex-wife) to one of Brandon Boudreaux’s colleagues. 
  3. Read the texts from Ian to his ex-wife Natalie.

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