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Interview w/Misty Talley (Director of SANTA JAWS & More)

Creative badass Misty Talley

Believe it or not, us freaking out over a particular film is a rarity on this show. There have been the occasional titles that we’ve lost our minds over, sure. MARTYRS (2008) and MIDSOMMAR (2019) are the only two that currently ring a bell. However, something transformative happened this year, and now no Christmas will ever be the same. I don’t ever want it to be the same. I now know better. You know the saying: When you know better, you do better.

Two words: Santa. Jaws.

Look. Just look at how fucking majestic this is.

This is now your yearly Christmas film. Throw away NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS. Goodbye, DIE HARD. SANTA JAWS has replaced both of you as the must-see film to get you in that Christmas spirit.

After stumbling across it a year late on SyFy, we just HAD to reach out to director Misty Talley and invite her on the show for a chat. Kind enough to accept, we discussed SANTA JAWS, her other sharksploitation films, what it’s like working on a Lifetime Christmas movie, and what she has planned for the future.

Ever wonder how SyFy comes up with those quirky, low-budget films? Are you a huge sharksploitation fan like we are? Come on down, because this is the episode for you.

Don’t forget to check out Misty’s website here.

Check out her IMDb.

Make sure to follow her on Twitter here.

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Listen to the show below:

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